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Deliver quiet with Booth

We saw an opportunity to make the basic phone booth a much more pleasant place to be. If you’ve spent time in cramped and claustrophobic phone booths before, you’ll marvel at how Booth opens up the space. Its special trapezoid design enhances your cognitive comfort, while eliminating annoying echoes. And its rocking and rotating seat gives you room to move, without banging your elbows on the walls every 5 seconds.

Booth harnesses technology and design to  provide an intuitive space for your special task. With sound absorbing upholstery and acoustic panels, Booth dampens noise from every direction. Its motion sensor fresh air ventilation system and adjustable LED lighting help you create exactly the environment you work well in. While its wheels mean you can relocate it to anywhere in your office.

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Width: 105-145 cm / Depth: 118 cm / Height: 230 cm

High-quality plywood, painted black

On four wheels underneath, floor adjusters are integrated for levelling

Glass door and back wall 
Tempered glass panel, equipped with certified acoustic foil

Black high pressure laminate

A-class sound reduction

Mains power outlet 220W. USB chargers (5A, type A and C) on request

Integrated ventilation 
Airflow rate: when occupied 40l/s; stand-by mode, after 5mins no occupancy 27l/s

Bar height perch, 360 swivel and rocking

Soft upholstered wall panels and interior ceiling panel covered with certified acoustic and fire-retardant felt
Standard selection:

Full Intuit House Fabric Collection available on request. View fabric collection >

Wall panel cover is available in certified acoustic and fire-retardant material
Standard selection:

Floor cover is available in 2 colors in a fishbone pattern
Standard selection:

2D, 3D drawings

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Designed for the Concentration Zone:

  • Enjoy a room that feels bigger on the inside
  • Take calls without disturbing your team
  • Find the peace you need


Ditch the distractions with Booth.

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Iseasi is a design firm boasting a wealth of experience. Its core strength has always been industrial design, but thanks to the needs of its clients (and the trust they place in the company) it now works on a much broader scale.

Iseasi’s message, and the aim of its designers, is first and foremost to find ways of offering greater value to end-users. This pertains to the functionality, usability and attractiveness of every product, and much more besides. As such, one of the most important tasks of the designer is to protect the interests of the user, so to speak: to plan a product in such a way that it’s easy to understand and use and both honest and hard-wearing.

Successful companies understand the importance of office design

Several leading companies have taken the direction of offering their employees a diverse work environment where they feel good. We are happy to be their cooperation partner.