August Workbay

Looking for the perfect spot to have that important conversation?

The August sofa set provides an easy solution for creating a workbay where you can go to get some privacy or have meetings. The August Workbay is an integral part of your Concentration Zone, providing an opportunity to step away from the noise, and find the focus you need.

The only thing it takes is to connect two roofed Augusts with a partition wall. Sound-absorbing qualities make it easy to carve out a space of peace and quiet within an open-plan office. Distraction-busting high sides give you the focus you need to unravel a tricky problem with a colleague. Its compact and modular style means that the Workbay can be placed in islets, rows, or whatever works best for your Concentration Zone.

1-S/H2 Workbay: 230x78xH145 cm
1-S/H3 Workbay: 230x78xH185 cm
2-S/H2 Workbay: 230x128xH145 cm
2-S/H3 Workbay: 230x128xH185 cm
2,5-S/H2 Workbay: 230x158xH145 cm
2,5-S/H3 Workbay: 230x158xH185 cm

Solid wood and plywood

Seat & backrest
Durable and fireproof HR-foam; fixed seat and back cushions

1. Solid oak (metal & timber frame); finishing options that can be ordered separately at customer’s request: solid ash, stained and varnished
2. Powder-coated metal legs; anti-slip soles

The cover fabric is not removable; sides and rear wall of H3 models: only felt cover fabric

Additional table T1 (80x36xH70 cm): innovative Valchromat mdf, high-pressure laminate; frame: powder-coated metal
Additional table T3 (110x55xH70 cm): innovative Valchromat mdf, high-pressure laminate; frame: powder-coated metal
Workbay wall fastenings: powder-coated metal

August sofa collection is in accordance with standard EN 16139:2013 including correction EN 16139:2013/AC:2013 (Furniture – Strength, durability and safety – Requirements for non- domestic seating) level of test severity L1 requirements.

5 years

Furniture Cover Collection

Intuit’s cover selection has been chosen based on our long-standing experience and understanding of what our clients like. Our recommended cover materials meet the elevated safety and durability requirements of open space furniture. Upon request, you can order also from a wider selection of cover materials.

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Designed for the Concentration Zone:

  • Give the option of focus and seclusion
  • Hold your own private meeting
  • Divide your space organically
  • Cut down on background noise


Shut the world away, and unlock your productivity.

Designed by

Pent Talvet / Iseasi

Iseasi is a design firm boasting a wealth of experience. Its core strength has always been industrial design, but thanks to the needs of its clients (and the trust they place in the company) it now works on a much broader scale.

Iseasi’s message, and the aim of its designers, is first and foremost to find ways of offering greater value to end-users. This pertains to the functionality, usability and attractiveness of every product, and much more besides. As such, one of the most important tasks of the designer is to protect the interests of the user, so to speak: to plan a product in such a way that it’s easy to understand and use and both honest and hard-wearing.

Successful companies understand the importance of office design

Several leading companies have taken the direction of offering their employees a diverse work environment where they feel good. We are happy to be their cooperation partner.