The breakout space is getting a promotion

The breakout space used to be an afterthought. That formal neglected meeting room with rickety chairs and a lonely whiteboard was the only space for collaboration. Your desk was where you did the “real work”, and rows of identical desks filled open-plan offices everywhere.

But things have changed. As they return to the office employees want the whole office environment to foster collaboration, creativity, and connection.

We cater to the ways that each individual makes their valuable contribution to the team. Find quiet and calm, discover the next groundbreaking idea, or focus in a comfortable and secluded environment. You’ll find products to support the head-down focus of desk work, collaborative spaces that encourage interaction, lounges for socialising, and flexible seating for when people need a break from their desk. Having these varied spaces available encourages employees to work in a way that suits them, and we help you design the perfect flow.

Our 4 Zones use modular and multi-functional furniture solutions to make the most of every area of the office, giving an agile space that fosters playful creativity – because comfortable employees work better.


Discover the office breakout spaces


Welcome Zone

Nail first impressions with the Welcome Zone. Read more >


Collaboration Zone

Nurture the next big idea in the Collaboration Zone. Read more > 


Social Zone

Harness the power of connection with the Social Zone. Read more >


Concentration Zone

Facilitate focus with the Concentration Zone.

We will help you furnish your office

Every office is different. Sometimes it is worth doing a complete restart, while in some cases even a small change helps. In cooperation with interior architects, we map the needs of your team and find a suitable solution that works for you.

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Successful companies understand the importance of office design

Several leading companies have taken the direction of offering their employees a diverse work environment where they feel good. We are happy to be their cooperation partner.