Elevate the Library Space

In the heart of every library, from the quiet corners of reading nooks to the collaborative buzz of communal spaces, the right seating can transform the experience. Intuit’s range of library seating furniture is designed to meet every need— whether it’s for individual study, group projects, or leisurely reading.

At Intuit, we believe in the power of timeless design, durability, and ease of maintenance to create inviting, long-lasting reading and learning environments. Discover seating solutions that cater to the diverse requirements of modern libraries, ensuring every visitor finds their perfect spot.

We will help you transform your library space

Whether it’s time for a full transformation or a minor update, we’re here to guide you through selecting the perfect furniture pieces.

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Intuit’s Seating Solutions

Transform the library’s first impressions

Create a welcoming entrance and comfortable waiting areas with Intuit’s free-flowing modular seating systems. Designed for versatility, our seating solutions can be configured in endless combinations.

Enhance the convenience and comfort of your communal areas with optional side tables and power access.

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Foster focus with secluded seating solutions

Individuals frequent libraries primarily for independent study or to delve into specific topics.

Our stand-alone compact seating with screens creates private nooks for reading and studying, featuring sound-absorbing qualities and wheels for easy mobility. Further enhanced by incorporated side tables and optional power access for utmost convenience. 

For those seeking additional privacy, our high screens with acoustic properties on wheels offer the flexibility to rearrange spaces as needed.

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Empower collaboration with dynamic furniture solutions

Libraries are also vibrant hubs for community engagement, where groups convene to collaborate, learn, and discuss pivotal topics.

Our ergonomic seating solutions, complete with high walls, create a sense of refuge and comfort, enabling individuals to concentrate and collaborate effectively. These enclosed spaces not only offer privacy for groups but also come equipped with power hookups.

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Privacy in Quiet: Intuit Booth 

In the tranquil ambiance of the library, finding a spot for private phone conversations is made effortless with the Intuit Booth. Crafted with a unique trapezoid design, the Booth is engineered to enhance cognitive comfort by eliminating distracting echoes, making it ideal for confidential calls.

Sized for comfort and equipped with a note-taking table and an ergonomic rocking chair, it offers a secluded haven for users.

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Successful companies understand the importance of office design

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