Our team – Intuit

Rene Mere

Export Sales Manager
My work involves a lot of phone calls with export markets. Thus, the August armchair has become my silent oasis where I am comfortable sitting all day and knowing that I won’t interrupt anyone with my calls.

Allan Sonne

Sales Manager DACH
As a Sales Manager, I often have to host clients in the office. I want to offer them a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, while remaining presentable. Ben, the sofa in our lounge area, helps me perfectly in this.

Joonatan Vinkel

My work involves lots of meetings, so I make sure to carry my Hubert Mini with me; Its rocking base makes it possible to sit in different positions so I can comfortably sit for long hours.

Svea Roosilill

Account Manager
I’m a huge fan of hybrid working, meaning I spend less time in the office and don’t even have my own desk there. Luckily, my trusted August Nook is always ready for me when I need it.

Martin Pärn

Lead Designer
I like quick and constructive meetings and it feels like the Hubert with its rocking base was designed for exactly that – it’s become my loyal companion for meetings.

Triine Casdagli

Marketing Manager
My thoughts flow better when I can move around, socialise, and change the working environment every now and then. Variety is the spice of life. At home, I usually work on the sofa with my laptop on my lap and thanks to Ben – the newest member of our product range – I can work the same way at the office.

Kadi Köst

Account Manager
Once a week I have a meeting that brings me to the office for the workday. I always land in August Nook because it's comfortable and it's a very compact solution.

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