With what did the Estonians surprise visitors at the Stockholm design fair?

4. MARCH 2024

While in our previous blog story we wrote about the most exciting trends at the Stockholm Fair, in early February, Intuit’s team members are now revealing their favourites and we learn about the Estonians’ own display in Sweden. 

It cannot be denied that the Stockholm fair has experienced a reduction following COVID. This is evident in the declining visitor numbers as well as the occupancy of the exhibition halls by exhibitors. Apparently, other outlets on how to introduce themselves to potential distributors have been found. However, there were products that were vividly remembered. Here they are! 


Intuit stood out with its brightly coloured trade fair booth, which caught the eyes of passersby. Photo: Private collection 

What special things were seen?

As his favourite product or element, Intuit by Softrend product designer Karl Kukk highlighted hydraulic lifting tables, the height of which can be adjusted without a motor. ‘Super cool, in my mind! My favourite design for the tables was the Float mini, a product from the American company Humanscale. It’s fun and incredibly easy to operate.’ 


As his favourite product or element, Karl Kukk singled out hydraulic lifting tables, the height of which can be changed without a motor. 


However, the favourite of Triine Casdagli, marketing manager for Intuit by Softrend, was the simple and ingenious crank table Veva. ‘These height-adjustable tables employ the traditional method – simple, reliable and also ingenious in their simplicity. Perfectly seconding the hydraulic lift tables highlighted by Karl.’


Casdagli’s favourite, however, was the simple and ingenious crank table Veva. Photo: Private collection 


For Intuit’s head designer, Martin Pärn, the coolest product was the hand-blown glass luminaires by Czech artist Hana Hillerová. ‘The composition of the glass is such that it changes colour based on the intensity of the light.’


Hand-blown glass luminaires by Czech artist Hana Hillerová . Photo: Private collection

What stood out in terms of office furniture in general?

According to Casdagli, there was little surprising about the functionality of office furniture at the fair. ‘The subject remains the convergence of office furniture with home furniture in terms of comfort, cosiness and fabric tonality,’ she notes.

Noise-reducing and visual barrier-creating nests were also in the picture. The display of a wide range of calling booths continues. There were multifunctional room dividers with shelves for flowers and light fixtures hidden between felt walls, winding modular sofas for waiting rooms, the fitting of furniture with wheels for mobile relocation, electric and hydraulic powered working and auxiliary tables, and ergonomic work chairs. ‘In this regard, the trend remains unchanged and entrenched,’ Casdagli notes.

Intuit’s brightly coloured solution 

When it comes to Estonian production, Intuit stood out with its brightly coloured fair booth that could not have gone unnoticed by any passersby. The new multifunctional seating furniture Spot also caught the eye. Its bold form and integration of wooden shelves speaks to a design that differs completely from the current Intuit selection. 

The new shared office deskFlow also attracted attention with its exciting technical solution and colourfulness. There were a number of newer and older products on display, but Hubert Miniand Grow attracted the most attention. Hubert Mini, with its playfulness and compact form, and elegant Grow on wheels, fill a set of specific needs of people in modern offices – visual barrier, noise cancellation and biophilia. 

What will the future bring?

Ongoing product design work is taking place at Intuit, with our furniture designs being based primarily on the actual and intuitive needs of office workers, which would improve their well-being, and thereby increase their creativity and productivity. Each product has its own story and purpose, how to intuitively support an office worker in their work.
As the damping of natural noise remains an important topic in the office environment, we can expect additional acoustic products this year, with modular sofa solutions offering separation and accessories supporting focused individual work also on the way.

Here are photos of the Intuit trade show booth! 

Successful companies understand the importance of office design

Several leading companies have taken the direction of offering their employees a diverse work environment where they feel good. We are happy to be their cooperation partner.