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Shared office desk

The more the merrier

Sometimes, only a few people come into the office and the room feels empty. Other times, when everyone is there – management, busy bees, guests – it could get a little crowded. With Flow, a shared office desk, neither loneliness nor a lack of space is never an issue.

Flow is the social centre of the room, providing an equally welcoming haven for colleagues without a fixed desk as well as for groups holding meetings. The hidden sockets in the table’s shelf supports enable one to be productive. It is also an ideal place for team lunches and casual chats. Flow stands without screws on stylish trestles, allowing you to effortlessly give the room a different look with a reversible two-tone tabletop.

Width: 270 cm / Depth: 120 cm / Height: 75 cm

Table top board 
Fenix high-pressure laminate or Forbo desktop linoleum; natural oak edge band
High-pressure laminate; ABS oak edge band
Table top board can optionally be ordered to be used one or two sided 

Solid oak

Metal parts
Powder-coated, sand texture, matte; wine red RAL 3005 or black RAL 9005


Table top shelf
Fenix high-pressure laminate or Forbo desktop linoleum; natural oak edge band
High-pressure laminate; ABS oak edge band

Under table screen
Recommended material: felt – Blue Kompany Dama or Nevotex Wooly  

Plug-in option
Integrated electric outlet: 2x Powerdot Mini 50 (black) 220W (EU, FR)
2x Avolt Square-1 (black): 3x 220W (EU, FR), 2x USB-C (30W), 1,8m cable

5 years

2D, 3D drawings

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Suitable for the Social and Collaboration zones because it:

  • brings people together;
  • complements an otherwise empty space;
  • functions as both a work and a meeting table.


No one feels redundant.


Martin Pärn and Janno Nõu / Iseasi

Iseasi is a design firm boasting a wealth of experience. Its core strength has always been industrial design, but thanks to the needs of its clients (and the trust they place in the company) it now works on a much broader scale. Iseasi’s message, and the aim of its designers, is first and foremost to find ways of offering greater value to end-users.

This pertains to the functionality, usability and attractiveness of every product, and much more besides. As such, one of the most important tasks of the designer is to protect the interests of the user, so to speak: to plan a product in such a way that it’s easy to understand and use and both honest and hard-wearing.

Successful companies understand the importance of office design

Several leading companies have taken the direction of offering their employees a diverse work environment where they feel good. We are happy to be their cooperation partner.