Loop, Duo, Twin

Grab the opportunity

We think you should be able to gather wherever inspiration strikes. Which is why we’ve designed our trio of playful pouffes to be the ultimate in flexible seating.

Grab them by their tabs and pull them over to your colleague’s desk. So that you can carry on forming your new idea, without getting a crick in your neck.

Loop: 40x47x23,5 cm
Duo: 31x31xH42 cm
Twin: 33x30xH42 cm

Solid wood and plywood

Seat & backrest
Durable and fireproof HR-foam

The cover fabric is not removable

Furniture Cover Collection

Intuit’s cover selection has been chosen based on our long-standing experience and understanding of what our clients like. Our recommended cover materials meet the elevated safety and durability requirements of open space furniture. Upon request, you can order also from a wider selection of cover materials.

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Designed for the Collaboration and Social Zones:

  • Make your seating super flexible
  • Gather wherever you need to
  • Bring some playful energy


Hop on the ideas train with Loop, Duo & Twin!

Designed by

Lauri Visnapuu

Having been making soft furnishings for more than 20 years, we view comfort and quality in very special terms: more than just words, taking in the team and materials and techniques that give our items of furniture the form and feel that allow our customers to feel truly relaxed when using them.

A number of Intuit’s biggest sellers came about precisely because of the feedback we got from our clients and them telling us what they wanted, based on which our development team took their ideas and gave them the perfect form.

Successful companies understand the importance of office design

Several leading companies have taken the direction of offering their employees a diverse work environment where they feel good. We are happy to be their cooperation partner.