Bench sofa for Welcome Zone

Forever yours 

Bench sofa Link is the centre of an environmentally conscious space. Its primary function is to welcome your guests, and for this, it is ready forever and ever. 

Link is designed for the welcome zone, providing the ideal stopping point when you need to sit for a moment, and be ready to move on. More dignified and cosier than an ordinary bench, but also more crisp and flexible than an inviting sofa. 

Worn-out parts can be easily repaired, extending the life of your Link to the end of time. But if you still want to send it to its final resting place, Link’s natural materials and cleverly combined parts are 100% recyclable. 

Plywood and sheet metal 

Recycled LIMI foam rubber 

Powder-coated metal legs, black RAL 7004 

Recommended cover material
Natural wool felt and easy-to-clean laminated fabrics

Cover material is easily removable and replaceable

Construction of Link is simple and all parts are easily interchangeable. 

Suitable for a Welcome Zone because it:

  • is designed specifically for short sitting breaks; 
  • lasts for years and is repairable; 
  • complies with the principles of the circular economy. 


Link – when you have only a moment to sit down

Designed by

Argo Tamm

Softrend’s in-house designer of many years, Argo has devised some of the company’s most popular beds and sofas. He always aims to create products with a timeless appearance and durable, long-lasting technical design features that will still be beautiful 10 years down the line.

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