Multifunctional table series | 4 colours

A supporting surface that fits everywhere

The Aide table is an indispensable backdrop, designed to complement room layouts and core furniture. The multi-functional table series comprises variations that are tall, low, slender, sturdy, spacious, compact, and offer a combination of features, totalling 7 different versions.

With its timeless and refined appearance, Aide blends into any interior, while maintaining an understated presence, allowing other furniture pieces to take the spotlight. Aide focuses on function adapting to various environments – it can be a coffee table in the lounge area, a dining table in cafes and canteens, a desk in the work zone, or a standing desk across different settings. Finding the perfect solution is easy, as Aide can be integrated with the entire Intuit soft furniture range.


Sofa tables
60 x 60 x h 42 cm
110 x 60 x h 42 cm
122 x 44 x h 42 cm

Cafeteria or work table
60 x 60 x h 72 cm
110 x 60 x h 72 cm
139 x 60 x h 72 cm

Standing table
60 x 60 x h 112 cm

Table top plate
High-pressure laminate, matte

Powder-coated metal, sand structure, matte

2D, 3D drawings

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Suitable for the Social and Collaboration zones because it:

  • is easy to combine with other furniture;
  • can serve several functions;
  • always blends stylishly into the interior.


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Designed by

Karl Kukk

Karl Kukk is an up-and-coming product designer with a genuine passion for his craft. He has experience across various industries and has honed his ability to see the practical and real-world impact of his designs. Karl approaches design with a focus on clear dialogue and collaboration, believing these are the key to creating products that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

He places high value on designing products that are durable and make a subtle yet positive difference in people’s everyday lives. His commitment lies in providing straightforward, effective design solutions that prioritize user experience and sustainability. 

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