Build an endless sweep of welcome

First impressions are everything. The Welcome Zone is where you put visitors at ease with warm and inviting sofas, and interesting features. Create a warm Reception for visitors to soak up the atmosphere, an elegant Waiting Lounge for restful moments during a busy day, or a place to socialise, where barriers are broken over a cup of coffee.

Set the stage for a positive meeting with Intuit’s welcoming aesthetic.



Create a warm and welcoming first impression with our free-flowing modular Manhattan Hexa or Penta designs. Built to fit together in endless combinations, you can create a space that fits with your company aesthetic. Combine with our Sofi sofa and pouffe systems and, no matter how long they have to wait, your visitors will feel appreciated.

Waiting Lounge

Whether you’re waiting for a meeting with a colleague, or about to head into an interview, create a comfortable stopping point with our Meeter sofas, or modular Manhattan systems ensures no-one will be bored. As we move towards a more flexible office environment, these areas can double as perfect time-out spaces for employees in the middle of a long day.

Hello Coffee

The world can be fixed over a cup of coffee, so why not weave in opportunities for problem-solving magic through your offices? Take a seat on the Sans Sofa and brainstorm that tricky issue you’ve been stuck on with a little help from your friends.

We will help you furnish your office

Every office is different. Sometimes it is worth doing a complete restart, while in some cases even a small change helps. In cooperation with interior architects, we map the needs of your team and find a suitable solution that works for you.

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Successful companies understand the importance of office design

Several leading companies have taken the direction of offering their employees a diverse work environment where they feel good. We are happy to be their cooperation partner.