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Environment matters. Employees want more from their office than impersonal cubicles. They want spaces that nurture their creativity. Spaces that feel intuitive.

Why we’re bringing the revolution with the breakout space: 

  • to nurture creativity and productivity 
  • to bring employees together in community and collaboration 
  • to make the office the place to be 
  • to attract new talent to your team
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Privacy, quiet, and the ability to concentrate

These are the needs of the workforce returning after the pandemic. 

Taking an important call in the middle of a busy office, concentrating on a tricky problem while people chat around you. Sometimes you just need to shut it all out. And a phone booth is the ideal solution.

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How we make work better

Our way of working has changed. Doing your best work isn’t just about sitting at a desk all day. It’s the creative problem solving, agile collaboration, and the feeling of community we search for in the office.

Our designs have evolved to meet this shift. The flexibility and innovation at the heart of each one place intuitive human needs at the center. We’ve taken the spirit of the breakout space and divided it into 4 distinctive work zones – each designed to meet a particular need to encourage creativity and connection.

The world is moving fast – with Intuit, you make sure office space can keep up.

Explore the Zones

Co-working space NUUUORK

Berlin Airport opened a space dedicated to teleworkers.

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Total Jobs office

Home-like, comfortable, and modern: see what a contemporary workplace looks like!

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Hella Lithuania’s employee eatery

A company created a new eatery for its employees with an interior design worthy of a restaurant.

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Softrend’s Tallinn Office

Softrend’s office in Tallinn is a good example of the fact that the shoemaker’s children don’t always go barefoot.

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We will help you furnish your office

Every office is different. Sometimes it is worth doing a complete restart, while in some cases even a small change helps.
We map the needs of your team and find a suitable solution that works for you.

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Successful companies understand the importance of office design

Several leading companies have taken the direction of offering their employees a diverse work environment where they feel good. We are happy to be their cooperation partner.