Soft work sofa

Transforming public spaces with Nordic elegance 

Created with Finnish designer Samuli Naamanka, Lilja is a tribute to the harmony and timelessness of Nordic design. Warm and friendly solid wood and elegant lines make up a pleasing piece of furniture that reflects the Nordic attitude to style and quality.

Lilja has flexibility at her heart, allowing you to tailor its setup to suit various spaces and personal tastes. Cherry-pick the seating modularity and armrest combinations. Optional backseat and armrest pillows enhance the comfort, inviting you to sink in and experience its welcoming embrace. Whether it’s your office or any public area, Lilja promises to transform ordinary spaces into cozy, inviting environments.

Width option: 70cm, 140 cm, 210 cm / Depth: 80 cm / Height: 70 cm

Solid wood and plywood

Durable and fireproof HR-foam

Leg frame
Solid wood oak, ash; finishing options on special order: solid wood ash, stained and varnished

The cover fabric is not removable; wide range of cover materials, including flame-retardant textiles

Small extra pillow
Backseat pillow: available with feather filling or fibre filling
Armrest pillow: available with feather filling or fibre filling

Modules can be connected together

5 years

Furniture Cover Collection

Intuit’s cover selection has been chosen based on our long-standing experience and understanding of what our clients like. Our recommended cover materials meet the elevated safety and durability requirements of open space furniture. Upon request, you can order also from a wider selection of cover materials.

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Designed for the Welcome and Social Zone:

  • Welcome your visitors with a touch of home
  • Foster connections among colleagues
  • Offer a restorative retreat from the daily grind


Embrace comfort, embody resimercial style.

Designed by

Samuli Naamanka

Samuli Naamanka is known as a versatile designer whose work combines carefully considered vocabulary of form with creative technical innovation. As well as product design and interior design, Naamanka specialises in environmental design. Amongst other things, he has carried out groundbreaking work in the development of concrete products.

His work includes the prize-winning Clash chair, exhibition designs, environmental works and public works of art. The works contain references to the history, nature and architecture of the places where they are located and symbols of them.

Successful companies understand the importance of office design

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